About Us

Our Story

Founded in London 2021, Azuriera is the brainchild of Meihui (@miwivon), founder as well as lifestyle & fashion influencer. It derives its name from Côte d'Azur and Riviera, inspired by Meihui’s summer trip to South France. 

“A beautiful dress always gives me an instant pick-me-up and a huge boost of confidence the moment I throw it on. Simply put, it makes me feel good about myself, and I just want other people to feel the same kind of joy!” As her penchant for floral dresses grew, Meihui found it difficult to have chic design, luxe fabric, good craftsmanship and decent price all packed in one.

Every woman, no matter her age, deserves an edited wardrobe, and more importantly, an elevated lifestyle. With this belief in mind, she created her own brand, Azuriera, to offer a range of well-designed and quality-made clothing at a wallet-friendly price, so the wearer can become that confident, happy and free-spirited woman she desires to be. 


Our Value

We can’t stress enough the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. With slow and sustainable fashion at the core, each and every Azuriera design starts with superbly comfortable fabrics of premium quality, and takes on classic shapes that will stand the test of time. By prioritising the use of fabrics that are kind to the skin as well as the planet, and perfecting the design tirelessly, every piece is made to last and will stay in your wardrobe for seasons to come.

Choice of Fabric

We only use high quality fabrics so that the garments last longer, hence reducing the amount of waste. Most of our products are made from natural and durable fabrics like silk, Tencel, organic cotton and linen, which require less energy and water to produce and use fewer chemicals and pesticides, thus creating a smaller impact on the environment. 

Reducing Waste

The idea of reducing waste is deeply rooted in our design and production - we focus on timeless styles that are designed for longevity and can be seamlessly slotted into your existing wardrobe, while the approach of small batch production allows us to prevent unsold stock piling up. We don’t let the leftover fabrics go to waste - they are upcycled and repurposed into matching accessories like hair ties. All scraps at the end of production will be recycled.

Green Packaging

A firm “NO” to plastic packaging, and a big “YES” to go green and minimal. Our zip carton boxes are made from FSC-certified recycled materials and the packaging bags are made from biodegradable PBAT+PLA, which decomposes in soil or compost over 3 months and turns into organic fertiliser that can be used back on plants.

Fair Labour

We don’t just care about the final products, but how they are made and the people behind them. As a conscious and ethical brand, we only partner with a trusted few suppliers and manufacturers that meet our exacting standards. We not only keep a keen eye on quality and craftsmanship, but also hygiene and sanitation, fair treatment to workers as well as their working conditions.

Our Vision

Azuriera will keep promoting a kinder and greener way of life, working and growing with partners and clients who share our values and vision, extending our love for beautiful garments to the fabric, process and people producing them, in the hope of transforming fashion into a truly sustainable and circular industry.  


Our Muses

The Azuriera girl we envisage is “confident and independent, she is free-spirited and full of curiosity and passion. She stays positive and embraces life’s challenges with a smile on her face.” Their glamour and grace do not just come from stylish dressing, moreover their inner strength. Being comfortable in their own skin, they have learned to accept who they are and never shy away from showcasing their natural curves.

As a young brand, we would like to grow with every Azuriera girl, and keep them company through their life’s endeavours.